Linkenheimer Team’s 2017 Eye Care Trip to Nicaragua a Success

January 1, 2017 found 11 Linkenheimer staff and partners on their way to Nicaragua for the firm’s third eye care mission into the remote villages of the Rio San Juan region. Travelers included Matt Melchiori, Anne Glanville, Judy Deniz, Kerri Berry, Andy Vedder, Nina Shaposhnikov, Rudy Malmanis, Kari Bruner, Carli Ortiz, Mike Musson and John Jones.

The morning of January 2nd we boarded the 12 seat Cessna Caravan for San Carlos and our beloved dirt runway. Lunch and a two hour boat ride found us at the Sabalos Lodge which became our home base. Mosquito repellent in hand, along with instructions on tucking in the mosquito netting under your mattress (while you are on the mattress) got us prepared for the next five nights.

Days 2 and 3 found us traveling to and from and working in the village of Las Maravillas. This is a very remote village and difficult to get to from Sabalos (or anywhere for that matter) and rarely receives medical services. The region had 30 days of straight rain prior to our arrival, so the roads were nothing but mud and slop with our 4WD convoy frequently stopping to assess the driving strategies and get fellow […]

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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day Quotes Images

Those of us at Linkenheimer want to say thank you and wish all those that serve a Happy Veterans Day. Honoring the sacrifices many have made for our country in the name of freedom and democracy is the very foundation of Veterans Day. Our debt to the heroic men and valiant woman in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. This is the day when we remember again the greatness of their unselfish hearts. They shared their lives to our country. We will never forget their sacrifices. Thank you from the Linkenheimer team.
Salute to the Veterans!

“Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, but the Marines don’t have that problem.”
~ Ronald Reagan

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Linkenheimer Volunteers at Redwood Empire Food Bank


On Tuesday evening, Linkenheimer staff, families and friends spent two hours helping the Redwood Empire Food Bank fill 3 and 5 pound bags of apples for distribution to those in need. Over the course of the evening, Linkenheimer filled and bagged 3,000 pounds of red apples. The summer months are critical for the REFB as they receive the most product during that time, yet it also proves to be one of the hardest times of the year to find volunteers. With schools out of session, their student base of volunteers typically dries up and other volunteer’s schedules are filled with summer trips and other events. Linkenheimer is honored to be able to assist the REFB and the local community that has given so much to us a firm. To find out how you can assist them, please check out their website:

About Linkenheimer’s Community Efforts:

At Linkenheimer, we look to change lives locally and abroad through the work we do, the relationships we develop and the charities we support. We say we want to be Partners in our Client’s Success. This means we want to work with people we like and help them […]

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Linkenheimer teams up with Redwood Gospel Mission to help feed thousands for a Thanksgiving banquet

On Wednesday, November 26th, a team of 11 Linkenheimer staff and family showed up at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to help serve food to a portion of the county’s almost 4,000 homeless, along with hundreds of working poor and underprivileged families looking for assistance. The free Thanksgiving meal is a tradition that the Redwood Gospel Mission has continued to put on over the years and as families have fallen on hard times, it’s a welcome reprieve to enjoy a free turkey dinner. The plates of food consisted of hot turkey, gravy, stuffing, green beans, rolls, salad and cranberry sauce. And while the plates were always filled to the brim, the staff at the Redwood Gospel Mission made it clear, if people are still hungry, they get to eat as many plates as possible. No one leaves feeling under fed. In addition to the hot food, 600 volunteers handed out grocery bags to almost 1200 people, in addition to the flu shots, medical checks, coats, hair cuts and even massages that were provided. Community and firm culture have always been the pillars of our firm and we were grateful to be able to participate and help out with such an amazing event. […]

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Linkenheimer LLP crew lends a hand at the Redwood Empire Food Bank

On Monday November 10, 2014, Linkenheimer LLP employees and partners spent part of their evening helping prepare food packages for seniors. Prior to the ‘assembly line’ effort, we were given a tour of the food bank’s beautiful facilities, and information on the needs of Sonoma County residents and what the food bank provides. Being the accountants that we are, numbers are always welcome, but in this case, the numbers were both astonishing and sobering.

  • 82,000 people (1 in 6 people in Sonoma County) face the threat of hunger every month, and this is the number served by the food bank, every month.
  • Of the 82,000 people: 36,200 are children, 11,800 are seniors, and 13,500 are working families.
  • The Redwood Empire Food Bank is in the top 6% of food banks nationwide in the amount of food provided per person in poverty.
  • During 2014, the food bank distributed 14.5 million pounds of food, which is the equivalent of over 33,000 meals a day, and provided food for two wholesome meals for every $1 spent.

These figures are hard to comprehend when you think of Sonoma County and all of the beauty that surrounds us; but, hunger has no boundaries, and it crosses the full spectrum of […]

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