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I received an emailing to register for an Onvio account or a folder was shared with me by Linkenheimer. Is this legit? Yes, you will receive an email from us asking you to Register Your Client Center Account. It’s a simple two click process, where you simply choose a password and confirm it. Within that email you will also receive a link, which you can bookmark to access your Client Center. You may also receive an email notice with regards to folders being shared to you from Linkenheimer. Those are simply folders within your new portal that you now have access too.

What kind of connection is required for using Onvio? Onvio requires a high-speed connection, defined as 25 Mbps/ 3Mbps upload by the FCC. While uploading larger files, this connection speed, specifically the upload speed will be important in avoiding time outs and error messages. 

What is the size limit for an upload to Onvio? The size limit is 500mb per file. One thing to remember is that files this size will take a long time to upload, so even though it may appear nothing is happening, your file is being processed and uploaded. 

What kind of files can I upload to Onvio? You can upload most file types and formats to Onvio. If you are wondering about a specific file type, please reference the Onvio webpage here for a list of acceptable file types.

Can I password protect the files I upload? Files uploaded to Onvio or Tax Organizers filled out and uploaded can not be password protected. Onvio is a secure platform that requires username and passwords to upload and retrieve files. By adding a password to files uploaded, it will cause corruptions within the file and won’t be accessible after uploading. Also, your Tax Organizer can not be processed properly if it is password protected. 

I am having trouble uploading Quickbooks files? Quickbook files are typically large and can require a significant amount of time to upload properly. The other thing to consider when uploading any file, is there cannot be any special characters in the name of the file (ie. no -, / , @, ( ), spaces, etc). Anything other than letters and numbers can generate an error in Onvio, so prior to uploading, please check to make sure your file name is compliant.

Where can I download the Onvio mobile app?

App StoreGoogle play

When I open my Onvio Client Center I don’t see any files or options to upload? This could be due to your browser needing an update to function properly with Onvio. We have found that Chrome typically works best with Onvio. And if you are using a mobile and trying to access it, we recommend doing so from the app, rather than the mobile browser.

What browsers are supported for using Onvio?

We support Onvio Center in the following internet browsers. Click the name of the browser to open a page from which you can download the latest version of the browser.

Browser Version
Apple Safari Not applicable — Safari updates itself to the latest version.
Google Chrome Recommended- Not applicable — Chrome updates itself to the latest version.
Microsoft Edge Not applicable — Edge updates itself to the latest version.
Mozilla Firefox Not applicable — Firefox updates itself to the latest version.

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