Linkenheimer Team Goes “Down the River” in Nicaragua

It wasn’t just beaches and mai tai’s for the Linkenheimer team and their families as they spent over a week in beautiful Nicaragua. Continuing a tradition of service in the region, John Jones led two different groups from Linkenheimer down the rural region of the Rio San Juan, with the goal of delivering eye exams and prescription glasses which would have otherwise have been unattainable.

Linkenheimer traditionally enjoys a team vacation in January as a thank you for a job well done and a bonding experience before the trials of a busy tax season. This year, the team building was magnified with the opportunity of “going down the river”.

A typical “going down the river” experience usually entails: Flying into Managua; chartering a small, 16 seat plane which flies you over Lake Nicaragua (the 10th largest fresh water lake in the world), landing on the dirt “runway” in San Carlos; from there you are shuttled in trucks to the river front, where the team boards long boats, which make their way down the winding river until they reach the serene, yet primitive¬†Sabalos Lodge. Then the real adventure begins.

The team then travels by boat to the village, where they setup their […]

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John Jones Recognized by Press Democrat for Global Eye Care Projects

John Jones’ good deeds have not gone unnoticed. On Sunday, July 8th, the Press Democrat released an article detailing his many trips to Nicaragua. Over the past 17 years, John has led and organized over 10 trips to Third World countries delivering basic health services. During those 17 years, he has helped over 15,000 people see more clearly.

John is normally accompanied by members of his local church or by fellow Rotarians. His outreach trips have included destinations such as Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala, Samoa and Vietnam.

His most recent project, involves raising $100,000 for the first ever surgery center in the Rio San Juan region of Nicaragua. This remote region is home to 26,000 people who have virtually no medical care available locally. As the leader of his Rotary clubs efforts, they have already raised $46,000.

Even though he isn’t an eye doctor, the CPA has had a profound affect on the region, providing life changing health services, including eye exams and distributing eye glasses.

To read the Press Democrat article, click here.