Scammers, claiming to be IRS agents, threatening arrest and jail time if you don’t pay them immediately for overdue “balances” are on the rise. If you haven’t received a call yourself, chances are you will at some point or you know someone who has. and unfortunately, these scams will probably continue and increase over time. Now, it might be daunting to receive a phone call from John Smith at the IRS office, claiming the cops are on your way to your house to arrest you if you don’t make an immediate payment over the phone to them, but rest easy knowing that a) the IRS isn’t going to call you (they are old school), you’ll get a letter in the mail or maybe a fax, and b) they aren’t going to send you an email demanding payment (see ).

To read an interesting story about one person, who worked his way through the cycle of the IRS phone scams to get answers:

See what the IRS has to say on the continuing issue of phone and email scams:

Stay vigilant and if you ever have questions about an email or phone call you’ve received, feel free to contact your Linkenheimer CPA.